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Attending risk management events is an effective approach to staying current on developments in risk management. Going to an event allows you to exchange ideas with your peers, hear different opinions, get out of the office, and have fun for a few days.

Conferences, chapter meetings, or other types of risk management events allow participants to take a step back from daily routines and think about the wider issues.  Events may be used as an educational forum as well as a place to expand your professional network, make new friends and build relationships with those you already know. Sometimes, the most informative part of a conference comes out of informal interactions with other participants.

In addition to increasing your network, you may actually learn something! Most conferences offer an opportunity to hear some amazing speakers. I’ve personally attended several risk management events and have gained tremendously from the experience.

The next few months present several opportunities to attend risk-management events. Below are some key upcoming events:

European Credit and Counterparty Risk Conference

20-21 June, 2013

London, United Kingdom

The European Credit and Counterparty Risk Conference will bring together leading professionals from the banking, insurance and investment sectors from across Europe. Credit and Counterparty Risk are a vital part of the banking system which needs to be improved going into 2013 and beyond. Our European Credit and Counterparty Risk Conference program offers you a unique opportunity to learn from leading industry experts to overcome future challenges.


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American Leaders – Enterprise Risk Management: Strengthening the Risk Resiliency Model 13-14 June, 2013 (Chicago)

Enterprise risk management practices have expanded over recent years and the importance of creating a resilient company is now paramount. This forum will cover ways to integrate stronger communication between departments and with the board of directors, operational excellence, and comply with the latest regulations.

This 2 day forum consists of 40 minute presentations, interactive panels, and a workshop. Delegates and speakers will have ample networking opportunities including a cocktail reception on the first day.

Risk management experts will bring to the table the latest information regarding a risk aware culture, monitoring KRIs and more. Delegates will leave the event with innovative tools to enhance their company’s enterprise risk program.


2013 Banking Risk & Regulation Congress 23 – 24 April, 2013 (London)

Since the global financial and economic crisis began, financial risk professionals have found themselves at an important crossroads where traditional business models have changed and the role of the risk professional itself fluctuating dramatically whilst continuously having to adapt to new regulatory demands and expectations.

Banking Risk & Regulation 2013, 4th in CFP’s risk & regulation series, is bringing together senior risk professionals from the world’s leading financial institutions to focus on benchmarking industry standards for implementing Basel III, EU Banking Union, future role of shadow banking, effective stress testing and scenario analysis, data aggregation and effective credit and counterparty risk measurement and management, as well as successfully managing liquidity risks.


2013 European Workshops – Practical and Intensive Pre- and Post-Congress Masterclasses:

1. Pre-Congress Full Day Masterclass (22 April) – Basel 2.5 And Beyond: From Implementation To Implication Led by Senior Executives at Nomura International

2. Post-Congress Half Day Masterclass (25 April) – The Importance Of Economic Capital In A New Era Of Capital Led by Adolfo Montoro, Head of Traded Market Risk, Deutsche Bank

Risk & Regulation USA 2013 Main Summit May 14 – 15, 2013 (New York)

On average, over 30% of a risk management office’s resources are spent on complying and preparing for regulatory changes. With new regional, national and international regulations impacting business models, profitability and the role of the risk professional, it is now more important than ever before to understand and comply with the regulatory requirements.

Risk & Regulation USA 2013, 5th in CFP’s risk and regulation series, is bringing together senior risk professionals from the world’s leading FIs to focus on benchmarking industry standards for implementing Basel III, overcoming the operational challenges with CCAR, effectively utilizing stress testing beyond just compliance, evaluating the impacts of  proposed new margin rules for OTC swaps, firm-wide implementation of systems and aggregation of data, managing and measuring operational, reputational and legal risks and complying with multiple new global regulations.


2013 USA Workshops – The Summit also features two separately bookable and highly interactive Pre-Summit Masterclasses (May 13):

(A) Advanced Credit Risk Modeling ­ Led By Terry Benzschawel, Citigroup http://www.risk-regulation-usa.com/index.php/agenda/8-articles/48-may-13acr

(B) Effective Stress Testing For CCAR ­ Led By HSBC, State Street and Moody’s http://www.risk-regulation-usa.com/index.php/agenda/8-articles/49-may-13est

Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) Annual Conference 11-13 March, 2013 (New York)

Full-day Summit focuses on the priorities and dynamics essential to secure the stability of the broader, global capital markets, from a systemic and a prudential context. Internationally recognized regulators, financial risk practitioners, and policy makers will explore how the post-crisis mandate of international regulators – the effective supervision and control of financial institution risk – continues to evolve in identifying, managing, and monitoring risks.

Convention program includes two days of in-depth discussion and debate in issue-based track sessions, keynote presentations and breakfast briefings. The speaker faculty of leading international policy makers, risk management experts and risk academics will present the most up-to-date information and strategies on understanding the complexity, interconnectedness and unintended consequences of the economic, environmental, geopolitical and technological risks shaping the global financial system.


Professional Risk Management International Association (PRMIA) Risk Culture & Remuneration: an Expert Panel 11 February, 2013 (London)

When the FSA first suggested it might try to regulate culture a few years ago, there was some disbelief as to whether that was their remit and how that might be done. We`ve certainly heard a lot about cultural problems in banks and investment firms in the aftermath of the crisis. But how do you `fix` cultures you don`t like and incentivize more appropriate behaviours which benefit all stakeholders for the longer term? Ring-fencing? Remuneration? Regulating the business model? Is it all about the tone at the top, or are there just pockets of activities where the industry should be focusing? Our expert panel will try and tackle some of these issues and respond to your questions.


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